Chess Lessons in Cottonwood Heights Area of Utah

Free chess tournaments in the Salt Lake Valley are encouraged by the chess tutor Jonathan Whitcomb, who offers his volunteer services as a tournament director.

The following are schools in Cottonwood Heights, Utah, that have chess clubs during their school years. This is not portrayed as a complete listing; it’s based on a reasonable online investigation. Additions and corrections can be sent to Jonathan Whitcomb.

Schools in Cottonwood Heights Having Chess Clubs

Ridgecrest Elementary
1800-East, 7200-South

Butler Middle School
7530 South;  2700 East

Brighton High School
2220 East Bengal Blvd

Relaxing before the children's chess tournament in Utah in early 2016

Children before a chess tournament in Salt Lake City (photo by J. Whitcomb)


Private Chess Lessons Available in Cottonwood Heights

By the chess tutor Jonathan Whitcomb

I live in Murray, Utah, and offer private or group chess lessons in the Salt Lake Valley. I’m the author of Beat That Kid in Chess, a book for the early beginner, but my lessons can be tailor-made for you, whatever your present skill in the royal game.

The first session will be an introduction, a getting-acquainted meeting, and it’s free. Ask questions and learn how I may help you in improving your game. You can then decide if you would like to continue with private chess tutoring, at $25 for each one-hour lesson.

I can drive to your home or we might arrange for a mutually-convenient meeting place at a public library or park in the Salt Lake Valley. I do not charge for traveling, with the exception of meeting outside the Salt Lake Valley of Utah. The following communities and cities incur no travel charge (a partial list):

  • Cottonwood Heights
  • Belmont Heights
  • Midvale
  • West Jordan
  • Kearns
  • West Valley City
  • Taylorsville
  • South Salt Lake
  • Murray
  • Mill Creek
  • Wendell Circle
  • East Mill Creek
  • Zions Park
  • Holladay
  • Sleepy Hollow
  • Suncrest Park
  • Wildwood
  • Applewood
  • Cottonwood West
  • Alpine Gardens
  • Willow Creek Hill
  • White City
  • West River Estates
  • Santorini Village
  • Williamsburg

For many communities, including those shown above, the only charge is $25 per lesson (after the initial free getting-acquainted session). You may stop after the free session, if you like, with no obligation on your part.

You may choose what course of study to receive, yet I would advise allowing me to help you in what you most need regarding improving your ability to win chess games. You have the final word on your course of training, however.

You can receive your chess lessons with one or friends or family members present, if you like. In fact, you can make it a group session, with each student paying a portion of the lesson fee ($25 total per lesson). Please keep in mind, however, that private lessons are tailor-made for the individual student’s needs, so if we have more than one student then the concentration on individual needs may need to be divided accordingly. It’s up to you.

Call me at 801-590-9692 with any question or send me an email.

Chess teacher Jonathan Whitcomb demonstrates an endgame

Jonathan Whitcomb, chess instructor in the Salt Lake Valley

At least for a limited time, he offers to direct free chess tournaments for children, teenagers, and adults, in the Salt Lake Valley. Participation is completely free, with no membership required in any chess club or in the United States Chess Federation. (These will probably be mostly unrated events, for being rated by the USCF would require someone paying at least a small fee for each participant.)



Chess End Game Lesson by Tutor Jonathan Whitcomb

 I, Jonathan Whitcomb, am a chess author, recently becoming available in the Salt Lake Valley for tutoring in private chess lessons (I live in Murray, Utah) . . . [He wrote Beat That Kid in Chess]

Chess Lessons in Cottonwood Heights, Holladay, etc

The following communities in the Salt Lake Valley can easily be visited by the chess tutor Jonathan Whitcomb, who lives in the city of Murray. Many days are available . . .

Chess Lessons in Salt Lake Valley

The $25 chess lessons include one free copy of his book and other materials of instruction. A getting-acquainted meeting is also offered and this first meeting is free, with no obligation for the student.


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